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  • FILLET- A strip of flesh from the side of a fish, cut away from the backbone. Fillets can be skin-on or skinless, bone-in or boneless.

  • STEAK - A cross section of a fish, containing the backbone.

  • FRESH - A term that can be used to describe fish that have been kept chilled on ice but not deep frozen.

  • WILD-CAUGHT - A fish caught by fishermen in their natural habitats — rivers, lakes, oceans, etc.

  • FARM-RAISED - Fish that are commercially raised in controlled pens that exist within lakes, oceans or rivers.


'If we wouldn't eat it, we won't sell it to you.'

- Sam Detwiler

At Detwiler's, Seafood isn't just an afterthought.

We’re a Florida company, and Floridians love their fish. We are constantly searching the globe for the freshest, cleanest seafood out there. From the icy oceans of southern Argentina, to the pristine fjords of Norway, and all the way back home in the cozy Gulf of Mexico.


Detwiler's strives to be good stewards of the Earth. Our seafood is sourced with health and sustainability in mind. We refuse to buy from companies with unsavory aquaculture practices. We avoid selling overfished species. We source from the purest bodies of water available. Your peace of mind goes into every piece of fish we sell.

Wild Caught Shrimp

Our Argentinian Red Shrimp is so sweet and succulent, you might think you’re eating lobster. This shrimp is from the deepest, cleanest waters off of the southern Atlantic coast of Argentina — near Antarctica!

Our Gulf Brown Shrimp is meaty, firm and wild caught by 100% U.S. shrimpers. Bring out this shrimp for your next cocktail party—shrimp cocktail party that is.

USA (Maine) Raised Salmon

Stop by our fish market and have our seafood guys cut a piece of our #1 selling USA raised Salmon for you! Pen-raised in the cold waters off of Maine —some of the cleanest waters on Earth —without the use of hormones, antibiotics, GMOs or unnatural coloring. Always fresh, never frozen. CHECK OUT THIS VIDEO

New England Lobster

If lobster is on the menu, Detwiler’s is your place. The Gulf of Maine is famous for its delicious, bountiful supply of lobster. So why buy anything else? We sell raw lobster tails and pre-cooked whole lobsters. Can’t get enough lobster? Stop by our Deli to try our delicious, homemade lobster spread!

Deep Sea Scallops

Treat yourself to the “Boston Strong” flavor of our wild caught, dry-packed sea scallops — direct from Massachusetts. Our scallops have never been frozen—our promise to you.

Oysters, Clams & Mussels!

Get your oyster fix fulfilled at Detwiler’s. Our Blue Point and Chesapeake Bay oysters are top of the line. The chilly waters and riptide currents of the North Atlantic U.S. coast give these oysters a clean and briny flavor that’s sure to make you want to stop in for another dozen—or two!

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