'We proudly serve locally made ice cream at all of our locations.'

- Henry Detwiler

Delicious, Premium Quality Ice Cream & Much More

Detwiler’s Farm Market thinks your trip to the market should be fun. That’s why we decided to have an ice cream shoppe. And it’s really good ice cream. Old fashioned, hand-scooped ice cream. Detwiler’s proudly serves locally made ice cream from right here in Sarasota, Florida. Stop by our Palmer or Venice store for an old fashioned milk shake or an all natural fruit smoothie. If grocery shopping isn’t your thing, just sit down at our picnic tables at our University and Venice stores, or our patio at the Palmer location. Delicious, premium quality ice cream at a great price. What’s not to like? Hmm... maybe that explains why all of the children who visit Detwiler’s Farm Market are such little angels.

Old Fashioned Hand Scooped Ice Cream

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