from amish favorites to organics!

Our grocery department is something special! Our selection is definitely eclectic, but one thing will always remain the same— our commitment to healthy, quality foods. We carry products from “Amish Country” to “The Old Country,” whether you’re into Amish canned goods, organic coffee or imported pasta sauce, we’ve got something for you. Looking for a delicious and truly natural peanut butter? We grind our nut butters (peanut, cashew, almond) fresh EVERY DAY. It’s so fresh, that the container might still be warm at checkout. Our all-natural peanut butter is made just the way George Washington Carver intended it to be—just roasted and ground peanuts. Nothing else. Organic Eggs. Unpasteurized local orange juice. Grass fed local dairy. Real maple syrup. Local raw honey. Organic apple cider vinegar. Kale chips galore! A borderline gratuitous amount of gluten-free products. We even sell organic candy. At Detwiler’s, we have a knack for specialty, healthy products. If you’re looking for processed, sugary cereals or mechanically separated chicken nuggets, you might want to check out another store. But if you’re planning on spending an arm and a leg at a big natural grocery store chain, check us out first. We may have just what you’re looking for (probably with a better price tag, too).