henry sr. & natalie

Pictured with their 3 youngest (from L to R):

grace (7th of 9) I work full time in our bakeries. I love, no I’m actually obsessed with baking, whether it’s at work or at home.

Emily (9th of 9) I love baking cupcakes. I also enjoy school. I enjoy playing with my nieces and nephews. I help out in the stores sometimes.

vicky (8th of 9) I’m a social butterfly and thrive on my relationships with my friends. I enjoy school and I help out in my family's store when I can. 


laura (detwiler) schrock

I am Laura Detwiler Schrock, the oldest of the Detwiler family. I am married to Arlin since June 2006 and we have four children. I am a stay at home mom. I love making our home comfortable for our family and guests and thoroughly enjoy baking and cooking. My husband is the owner of Schrock Concrete Pumping. Arlin enjoys music and skeet shooting. Peyton is 8 and he enjoys hunting and ATVs. Ashleigh is 5 and she loves to help me bake. Colten, 3, likes riding his scooters and playing farm. Chase, 2, loves playing in the water and does great at making huge messes for Mama to clean up.


sam detwiler

I'm the second oldest in the Detwiler family and also the president of Detwiler’s Farm Market. I am very much hands on with the daily operation of the company. My wife (Resa) and I have three children, Alexis, Kaden, and Dawson. I’ve worked alongside my Dad in our store as long as I can remember. My wife tries to support me in all my big ideas. My wife used to work in the store before we had any children but now is a stay at home mom and helps out occasionally when she can. Alexis has her daddy’s personality and loves to go to work with Dad any chance she gets! Kaden is a miniature me. He is all boy. He loves trucks and balls and anything he can throw.


henry j. detwiler

I’m Henry James, the third child in the line. I am vice president of the company and oversee the daily operations in each of the stores from adjusting displays, monitoring payroll, keeping departments flowing smoothly, hiring new members to the team, jumping in a department to help out when it’s needed, developing employee efficiency, and educating our team on our culture. Aside from work, I enjoy skeet shooting and hunting. I also enjoy working with the Gator Wilderness Boys’ Camp when the opportunity arises. My wife (Lisa) and I have 3 sons, Wyatt, Brantley, and Blake. Our boys keep Lisa busy and she enjoys cooking and baking for our family.


caleb detwiler

I'm Caleb, the 4th child in the family. I buy produce for the company. I’m the man negotiating great deals for you behind the scenes. I’m Sam’s assistant, filling in wherever I’m needed. My wife (Shavonne) and I have have a daughter, Taegan. My wife and I met when Shavonne worked for us. She helped out in our first three stores from high school age until the birth of our child. Taegan absolutely loves the outdoors, giving water to her “moo-moos”, feeding Aunt Grace’s dog, Daisy, and going for rides on the Ranger with Daddy.


dorcas (detwiler) keim

I'm Dorcas, the 5th child in the family. I used to work full time in the store. I helped start the deli departments in our first three stores. My favorite part about working was the customers. I’m super passionate about Down Syndrome children and did some volunteering at the local Oak Park School. I'm married to Brandon Keim and we have two awesome sons. I’m currently a stay at home mom raising our little boy, Ezekiel, who we call Zeke.  Zeke loves to play ball and his favorite fruit is bananas. My husband works with Detwiler's Farm Market in facilities and maintenance.


josh detwiler

I'm Josh, the 6th child in the family. I run the warehouse and logistics of the company. My wife (Emily) and I have one son, Josh Jr. When I'm not working in the warehouse, you can find me with my wife and son at home or out fishing or shooting with my brothers.